Following the departure of the Finchley Arts Centre Trust (FACT) from The Bothy in January 2007, we have been the target of a number of false accusations. We are still awaiting a formal report on the condition of the building and its financing, undertaken by Officers of the London Borough of Barnet at the request of the Leader of the Council, Cllr Mike Freer. Our own independently commissioned professional and technical assessments support our position that the building is not safe for public use. We have continued discussions with Hampstead School of Art about their possible restoration and occupation of The Bothy and this follows on from Mike Freer's very reasonable proposal of last May that FACT should operate under the umbrella of HSA. It is regrettable that an arrangement could not be agreed between them but it is to be hoped that work to properly restore The Bothy can start before too long.

You can now visit The Bothy garden any Friday between 10.30am and 1pm. Volunteers, who have put in a huge amount of work over a number of years, will be there to show you round.


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