You are expected to read and agree both documents presented here when hiring rooms:

Meeting Room Hire
House Regulations - Please click here to download a copy for your reference in form.

Terms and Conditions

The following link downloads a document detailing our terms and conditions of business. We ask that you read this document carefully prior to your hire.
Please click here to download a copy for your reference in form.

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The House regulations in these terms and conditions are applied strictly. Please read them and make sure your guests, contractors and caterers will result in an additional charge to you of £100 per breach. Please note that hired rooms are only available for the period of hire and that smoking is not permitted anywhere in the buildings.

The House is available for meetings on Monday to Friday 8.00am to 11.00pm and on Saturday and Sunday9.00am to 11.30pm. It is open for meetings every day of the year except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.Please ask for a quotation if you want to use the House outside these hours.

Your Guests
You are responsible to us for the behaviour of your guests, contractors and caterers and any damage or additional costs you or they cause us. You and your guests are expected to arrive, use the hired rooms and leave the House and its environs quietly and with consideration for others in the House and local residents. In particular neither children nor adults may run or make noise in the common areas. No one is permitted in parts of the House which it is not essential that they access. You and your guests must comply with all instructions from our staff. Please ensure your guests know what is expected of them, and in particular that smoking is not permitted in the House.

Accidents, Loss, Damage and Insurance
You must take every precaution for the prevention of accidents to any person. The Trust will not make good any loss or damage to the property of yourself, your guests, your agents or contractors. You are not insured by the Trust against claims and you should review your own insurances.

Access to Rooms and Deliveries/Storage/Collection of Goods
You may not access the booked rooms until the time the letting commences and you must have vacated them by the end of the booked period. If you wish to have anything delivered or set out before guests arrive, the room must be booked sufficiently early to allow for this. You and your guests, contractors and caterers may not move our furniture in or out of booked rooms and you must not leave anything in corridors. You, your guests, contractors and caterers and your goods must have vacated the booked rooms by the time the booking ends. Early occupation or late vacation of rooms will not be permitted if this affects other bookings, and, when it is permitted, will be charged extra at standard room hire rates. Early deliveries of goods on the letting day or late collections on the same day must be agreed in advance of the event. If we have to store your goods without prior agreement or outside the letting day we will charge £10 per day.

The following are not permitted:
• SMOKING anywhere in the House
• FOOD AND DRINK (including snacks, confectionery, biscuits, chewing or bubble gum and soft drinks) except with our written permission or supplied by ourselves
• ALCOHOL except with our written permission or supplied by ourselves
• CHILDREN under 18 years except with adequate adult supervision
• ANIMALS except guide dogs
• STILETTO FOOTWEAR which we consider may damage our floors
• PUBLIC MEETINGS except with our written permission
• EQUIPMENT which we consider may cause excessive noise, nuisance, damage or danger, or may require additional cleaning in the House. This includes any equipment with pressurised gas, fluids, naked flames,highly combustible materials, noise, or large weight or size. Specifically prohibited are fireworks, candles,smoke machines, water heaters, cooking facilities including hot dog and popcorn machines, children's play equipment, confetti and similar, party string, candyfloss, and bubble blower.
• FIXING to the building, fittings or furniture by any means including pins, sellotape and blue tack
• OBSTRUCTING fire exits within and from rooms
• USE OF THE GROUNDS when they are closed, or use which may interfere with the free. access or enjoyment by the public when they are open. Crockery, glasses and fireworks are prohibited.
• USE OF THE CAR PARK for any purpose (except parking cars).

Discretionary Charity Discount
Charitable organisations, whether registered or not, are subject to a 30% discount of all room hire chargesonly. Hirers must produce proof of status at the time of booking, which may be their Charity Commissionnumber, constitution, evidence of Inland Revenue Gift Aid registration or other evidence. The charitydiscount is subject to good behaviour by hirers, prior payment for room hire and prompt payment foradditional charges.

People with disabilities who may require assistance should contact the staff before their visit. The ground floor is suitable for wheelchair users and the ground floor meeting rooms are equipped with an audio loop system. There is no lift and no wheelchair access to the upper floors.



Amendments may only be made with our agreement and will be subject to an administration fee of £5 afterthe first amendment. Usually, you may change the booked date, time, room and catering details of a bookingat seven days or more before an event. Changes to booked refreshments or special equipment may be madeone day or more before an event.


Cancelled bookings must be in writing by e-mail, fax or letter. Cancellations which are made verballywithout immediate written confirmation will be charged in full. All cancelled meetings will be charged onthe following basis from when we receive your written confirmation:
28 days or more before your event - £10 minimum cancellation charge
Less than 28 days before your event - 50% of the room hire charged
Less than 14 days before your event -100% of the room hire charged
Less than 7 days before your event -100% of the room hire plus catering charged

Method and Timing
We prefer payments to be made by cheque, switch or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). A deposit of 50%of the room charge must be paid when booking and the balance 28 days before the event. Any damagedeposit or catering must be paid with the balance. Any extras such as refreshments, special equipment, orother charges incurred during the event will be invoiced immediately after. Invoices must be paid within 14days. There is a £30 administration charge for late payment.

Damage Deposit
A returnable damage deposit is required for some types of events. This will be repaid in full by cheque
within seven days of the event if there is no damage and rooms are left in a clean and tidy condition. Excess
cleaning will be charged at £30 per hour. Damage will be charged at cost or our estimate plus management
charges. Claims for damage recompense are not limited to this deposit.

Avenue House Estate
November 2005


Important Advice
These terms, which take effect from 1 January 2003, are subject to English law and the jurisdiction
of the English courts, and contain exclusions, limitations and indemnities in our favour. You are
particularly advised to read 7, 8 and 9 below.


1.1 Some words used in these Terms have special meanings which are set out in 11.7 below.

1.2 These are the only Terms on which we can contract with you. To the exclusion of any other agreements with you about the use of the Facilities, the Contract and these Terms comprise our contract with you and should be read as one document.

1.3 Variations to the Contract or these Terms are only effective if they are agreed in writing and signed by our authorised representative.

1.4 For convenience, these Terms have been grouped under different headings, but the headings do not affect the meaning of these Terms.

1.5 In these Terms references to any law include any changes to that law which are in force on the date on which the Facilities are made available for your use.


Every application for the use of the Facilities must give full details of the purposes for which the Facilities are to be used. We may accept or refuse an application in our absolute discretion.


3.1 Our deposit Fee must be paid on the date of application and the balance together with any other charges on the specified date before the booked event. You must pay any extra charges for which you may be liable under these Terms before the end of the day of the event. Otherwise we will invoice you and you will incur an additional administration charge. Where it applies, value added tax will be included in our Fee.

3.2 If we ask you to do so, you must also pay a deposit to us as security for the performance of your obligations under the Contract and these Terms.


4.1 The Facilities may only be used at the times and for the purposes stated in the Contract and any dispute about such use will be decided by us alone. Unless you first obtain our written consent (on such terms as we may then specify):

4.1.1 The Facilities may not be used for any purpose outside the published opening hours.

4.1.2 No musical instruments or sound systems may be played at the Facilities

4.1.3 Events at the Facilities must end by no later than the published closing time

4.1.4 The Facilities must not be altered or decorated; and

4.1.5 Except for our fittings present at the Facilities, nothing may be attached to the floors or walls of the Facilities by any means, nor suspended from the roof or ceiling of the Facilities, nor may any stage fittings or other structures by erected.

4.2 Arrangements for the supply or service of food, liquor, tobacco products, confectionary, beverages and other refreshments shall be made by you with our official caterer and you must not (for entertainment purposes or others) sell or give away or permit to be sold or given away on any part of our premises (whether part of the Facilities or not) any article or substance for human consumption by eating, drinking or smoking unless you have first obtained our official caterer’s written consent (on such terms as our official caterer may then specify). Our official caterer and other official contractors are independent contractors with each of whom you must enter into a separate direct contract.

4.3 You must pay those of our supplementary charges which apply to your use of the Facilities. If not specified in the Contract, the amount of such supplementary charges will be conclusively certified by us.

4.4 You must leave the Facilities by the time stated in the Contract. If you fail to do so then, without prejudice to our other rights against you, for each day or part of any day during which you remain at the Facilities you must pay us an additional fee, equal to our charges then in force for the use of the Facilities.

4.5 You must leave the Facilities in as good a condition as they were when you started to use them. If you do not do so, at your cost we may take such steps as are needed to restore the Facilities to that condition.


5.1 Unless you first obtain our written consent (on such terms as we may then specify) you must not:

5.1.1 Make any public announcements about your proposed or actual use of the Facilities except for the statutory notices for weddings

5.1.2 Publish any literature (including, without limitation, tickets and event programmes) which refers to the Facilities

5.1.3 Display any material on the outside of our premises.

5.2 Subject to 5.1 above, any announcements or publications relating to your use of the Facilities must refer to “Avenue House”.


6.1 At all times you must comply with all laws, regulations and official guidelines which apply to the Facilities and your use of them. If we ask you to do so, you must give us evidence of compliance.

6.2 Without affecting the general nature of 6.1 above:

6.2.1 all notices which have to be given by law or regulation must be given by you at the proper time;

6.2.2 all licences required by law or regulation must be obtained by you (and anyone employed by you);and

6.2.3 no stage plays or vocal or instrumental music may be performed at the Facilities unless you have first obtained all necessary licences (including any licence from the Performing Rights Society Limited).

6.3 You are responsible for the safety of your employees, contractors, agents and members of the public while they are on our premises (whether part of the Facilities or not).

6.4 Not less than twenty-one days before the first day on which you are to use the Facilities when necessary you must send us a scale plan showing the proposed layout of your event at the Facilities, giving full particulars of the width of gangways and the proposed seating arrangements as may be required by law. If required to do so, you must modify, re-arrange or delete any arrangement to our satisfaction or that of the authorities concerned.

6.5 We will notify you of the seating accommodation for the Facilities, which must not be exceeded. Accordingly, you must not issue tickets for more seats than are available. If you do so, we may refuse entry to the Facilities.

6.6 Entrances, exits and gangways at the Facilities must be kept unobstructed at all times. All goods, exhibits and staging materials must be brought into or removed from the Facilities by such entrance or entrances as we may direct.

6.7 During your use of the Facilities you must use the services of such of our employees as we may reasonably specify for which services you must pay us such charges as may then be applicable.

6.8 You must comply with and ensure that your employees, contractors and agents comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all regulations made under it. You must tell us of the happening of a dangerous occurrence or notifiable accident as defined by that Act.

6.9 We prohibit smoking in all parts of our premises (whether or not part of the Facilities).

6.10 Our employees and other persons authorised by us may enter and inspect the Facilities at ll times. You must comply with any requirement or direction which any of our employees or other such persons may give to you about your use of the Facilities.

6.11 You must not use any naked or other unprotected lights at the Facilities.

6.12 Our written consent must be obtained (on such terms as we may then specify) before you install at the Facilities any running or stationary machinery or exhibits of a heavy nature. An application for our consent must be made in writing, not less than twenty-one days before the first day on which you are to use the Facilities. Your application must describe each machine or exhibit concerned and specify its floor load. We may refuse to give our consent without giving any reasons for doing so.

6.13 During your use of the Facilities you are solely responsible for the maintenance of order. In addition to our employees to be used by you under 6.7 above, you must employ such other persons as may be needed to make sure that order is maintained. If you do not do so and if we decide that further assistance may be needed we may employ at your cost further persons for that purpose.

6.14 If, during your use of the Facilities, order is not maintained or if in our opinion anything contrary to sobriety, decency or good manners occurs we may remove the offenders from the Facilities and our premises.


7.1 Our liability under the Contract and these Terms excludes and replaces all other conditions or obligations imposed or implied by common or statute law, usage or otherwise.

7.2 Without affecting the general nature of 7.1 above, we specifically exclude all warranties, conditions or obligations imposed or implied by common or statute law, usage or otherwise in relation to the quality, use, condition, description or fitness for any articular purpose of the Facilities and any goods, equipment or materials which we provide for use at the Facilities.

7.3 We accept liability for:

7.3.1 Death or personal injury resulting from our own negligent acts or omissions and

7.3.2 Loss or damage suffered by you in connection with the use of the Facilities if you can prove that the loss or damage concerned was caused solely by our negligence or willful misconduct.

7.4 We are not liable for:

7.4.1 Any indirect or consequential loss or damage which you suffer or

7.4.2 Any loss or damage to any equipment, materials or goods which you use at the Facilities.

7.5 Our liability in respect of all claims which you may have against us relating to your use of the Facilities shall not exceed such amount as is equal to our Fee received from you under the Contract.

7.6 If you have a claim against us for which we may be liable under these Terms, you must write to us, giving full details of the claim, within two months of the date on which the claim arises. If you write to us within that time, we will investigate your claim. If you do not, we will not be liable in respect of that claim.


8.1 You indemnify us against any actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, loss and damage that we incur at any time arising out of or in connection with your proposed or actual use of the Facilities, unless you can prove that they arise as a direct result of our negligence or willful misconduct or that of our employees, sub-contractors or agents.

8.2 In 8.1 above, the expression “costs, expenses, loss and damage” has the widest meaning possible and includes the cost of complying with any relevant laws or regulations.

8.3 Not less than twenty-one days before the first day on which you are to use the Facilities you must obtain and keep in force employers’ and public liability insurance on such terms as we may then require and such other insurance cover as we may then specify in respect of your liability to us under 8.1 above and, if requested, you must produce to us evidence to show that such insurance cover has been obtained and is in force.


9.1 We are not liable for delay in performing or failing to perform any of our obligations under the Contract or these Terms if that delay or failure results from anything beyond our reasonable control. Any such delay or failure will not be a breach of the Contract or these Terms.

9.2 If a delay of the sort referred to in 9.1 above results in your being unable to use the Facilities for the whole of the time specified in the Contract, you can end the Contract immediately by giving us written notice, following which all sums paid to us by you will be returned to you without interest.


10.1 Either you or we may end the Contract immediately by giving written notice if-

10.1.1 Subject to 10.2, the other breaks any material provision of the Contract or these Terms or

10.1.2 The other:
(a) cannot pay its debts when due or
(b) goes into liquidation (except for solvent reconstruction or amalgamation) or
(c) has a receiver or administrator appointed over any part of its business, property or assets or
(d) has assets seized or a judgment made against them or
(e) takes or allows any similar action to the above because of its debts or
(f) stops or threatens to stop carrying on all or a substantial part of its business.

10.2 If we end the Contract under 10.1 above, you must immediately pay our Fee or the balance of it then outstanding.

10.3 We may end the Contract if we reasonably believe that the Facilities are to be used for any purpose other than that stated in the Contract or for any purpose which may result in a breach of the contract or lead to disorderly behaviour or misconduct. If we end the Contract for that reason any sums paid to us by you under 3 above may be returned without interest following which you will not have any claim against us.

10.4 Subject to 10.3 above, the ending of the contract does not affect any rights or liabilities which either you or we have and which relate to the period during which the Contract was in force, except for rights or liabilities to perform the Contract after the date on which it ends.


11.1 No delay or failure by either you or us to exercise our respective rights under the Contract or these Terms operates as a waiver of those rights. A partial exercise of those rights does not prevent their further exercise in the future.

11.2 If any court decides that part of the Contract or these Terms is unenforceable, the part concerned shall be deleted from the rest of the Contract or these Terms, both of which will then continue in force.

11.3 If there is any conflict between the provisions of the Contract and these Terms, the provisions of the Contract will prevail.

11.4 Neither the Contract nor these Terms may be assigned by you to any third party.

11.5 Any notice required under the Contract, these Terms or by law or regulation must be sent by first class mail to the recipient’s address stated in the Contract. A notice sent by mail will be treated as having been served on the second working day after that on which it was mailed.

11.6 The Contract and these Terms are governed by and interpreted according to English law. Both you and we agree to accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

11.7 When the following words and phrases in italics appear in these Terms they always have these meanings:

11.7.1 Contract - an agreement between you and us for the use of the Facilities on the terms set out in our booking form, price list and key information document, any documents attached to or referred to in it and in these Terms

11.7.2 Facilities - all or any part of the Conference Centre, as stated in the Contract

11.7.3 Fee - our charges for the use of the Facilities

11.7.4 we, us, our – Avenue House Estate Management and

11.7.5 you, your - the customer named in the Contract.


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